Curbside Pickup

Pick up library materials in a safe and contact-free manner. 

With the exception of our George location, we are excited to announce that, all NCW Libraries locations are currently offering Curbside Pickup.

The Curbside Pickup process is easy

  1. Place library materials on hold – online or by calling your local library: instructions here
  2. Wait for notification that your holds are ready – email, phone, or text.
  3. Check to find out which days and times your location is open – look for Curbside Pickup signs
  4. Call to let us know you’ve arrived (numbers are on the signs)
  5. Follow directions on safely picking up your materials

Helpful tips:

Log in and check your holds list and make sure you still want the materials that have been held for you since the COVID-19 Closure started.

Please note for returning library materials

  • Book Return Boxes will be open during the library’s regular hours
  • For Non-traditional items (telescopes, backpacks, etc.) call your local library to arrange a return.
  • Do not hand materials to staff
  • No donations are being accepted at this time
  • Library buildings are still closed to the public which means there is no public access, no meeting rooms, no restrooms, and no computer use. Additional services will be added after all five of our counties are in Stage 3 and the Governor has issued guidance to libraries on next steps for reopening.

Curbside Pickup