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By Ashley, Cashmere Library 

Moms are absolutely amazing – from taking care of us when we don’t feel well, to making us our favorite foods, and playing our favorite games – there’s nothing our moms can’t make better! If you’re looking for a book that features mothers, or a heartwarming Mother’s Day tale, check out this list of children’s books curated just for you! 

Fancy Nancy’s Marvelous Mother’s Day Brunch based on the creation by Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser

Join Nancy and her family as they whip up a delicious Mother’s Day treat while their mom gets some much needed rest. If you’re thinking of treating your mom to a wonderful meal, you might find some inspiration in the kitchen with Nancy! As an added bonus, this children’s book is a lift-the-flap book that is perfect for reading with younger children who enjoy looking at the pictures while you read. 

Saturday by Oge Mora

Saturday is the best day of the week when you get to spend it with your mom! Ava and her mother always have fun on Saturday’s – but what happens when the fun doesn’t go as planned? Join the charming mother/daughter duo in this Caldecott Honor Winner as they navigate frustration, disappointment, and gratitude for each other! 

Plenty of Hugs by Fran Manushkin and Illustrated by Kate Alizadeh 

If your mom gives the BEST hugs, try reading this book celebrating two mommie’s and their baby – and all the many activities and hugs they give throughout the day! A heartwarming story written in rhyming verse, this children’s book showcases the little ways children and their parents express their love for one another.

Katie Woo: Katie’s Happy Mother’s Day by Fran Manushkin and Illustrated by Tammie Logan 

In this charming children’s book, Katie takes care of her mom, who is sick with the flu, by comforting her in all the ways her mom comforts Katie when Katie doesn’t feel well. When Katie remembers that Mother’s Day is the next day and she’s forgotten a present, she quickly thinks up a creative way to show her mom how much she loves and appreciates her! Bonus: At the end of the story are instructions for how to give quick and easy pedicures at home – maybe you’ll try one out with your mom too! 

Me & Mama by Cozbi A. Cabrera 

If your little one likes to be everywhere mom is, Me & Mama will be a familiar tale to you! Celebrating the differences that make us unique, this children’s story also illustrates how much we appreciate those closest to us as we follow this mother/daughter duo over the course of a day. 

My Mommy Medicine by Edwidge Danticat and Illustrated by Shannon Wright 

What does your “mommy medicine” look like? Is it being tucked in at night, or a back rub when you’re sick? Is it mom reading to you until you fall asleep, or playing all your favorite games with you? A charming story about a mother’s love and all the little things she does to make her daughter feel better when she’s sick, this story is a must if you’re looking for a comforting read that will feel like getting a hug from your own mom! 

The Mominator by Julie Boye and Illustrated by Brooke Knight 

Moms have a lot to do – and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. In this uplifting children’s book, moms are the superheroes, the “Mominators,” who can do anything and everything! So mom, even when you feel overwhelmed and under appreciated, know that your kiddos are looking up at you and thinking that  you’re just about the greatest person ever. 

Time Together: Me and Mom by Maria Catherine and Illustrated by Pascal Campion 

A short children’s book perfect for toddlers and young children, this story focuses on all the wonderful time we get to spend with our moms doing all the things we love! With colorful illustrations that bring the words to life, this book will make you want to spend some quality time with your own mom – or, for all the moms reading it to their little ones – it will remind you of all the precious moments spent with your kiddos.

Mom School by Rebecca Van Slyke and Illustrated by Priscilla Burns 

How do moms get so good at being moms? According to this fun children’s book they attend Mom School! You’ll find yourself chuckling as you read about all the things Mom School teaches, and your little ones might even have some ideas of their own about what YOU learned in Mom School!

Davy Loves His Mommy by Brigitte Weninger and Eve Tharlet 

What are five little misbehaving bunnies to do for Mother’s Day when they can’t agree on a gift to give to Mother Rabbit? After thinking hard, the siblings come up with a foolproof plan – they’ll learn how to behave! Follow along as Davy and his siblings learn all about manners and behaving politely so that they can give their mom the best Mother’s Day ever! 

Looking for more books to read with your little ones? You can browse our catalog and place holds online at our website, or call or stop in at your local NCW Libraries branch! For access to animated talking picture books and chapter books for elementary readers, try Tumblebook Library – you can access this resource for free through our website!

Happy Reading – and Happy Mother’s Day!

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