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Books and movies aren’t the only things you can check out from your local library these days. We now offer nature backpacks, blood pressure monitors, and
wifi hot spots at some of our branches.

While reading remains a core mission of our library district, lifelong learn entails much more than books. So in an effort to meet the needs of our diverse
communities, we are expanding and diversifying the things you can check out from the library. Look for even more of this in the coming year!

Blood pressure monitors

A collection of these monitors can now be checked out from Wenatchee Public Library as part of a pilot project to raise awareness about hypertension.

They can be checked out for up to a week at a time and come with a packet of instructions as well as information on the dangers of high blood pressure
and ideas for lowering it.

The library is partnering with Community Choice, a nonprofit health organization that serves North Central Washington, for the project.

Nature backpacks

Backpacks loaded with everything you need to explore nature can now be checked out from many of our library branches. They contain binoculars, a nature
book, compass, measuring tape, trail maps, magnifying glass, identification cards and colored pencils to write and draw on your own journal template.
You may keep your journal template when you return the backpack to your local library. The goal is to get people out exploring and learning about the
natural world around them.

Wifi hot spots

Portable wireless internet hot spots can now be checked out from our George library branch. We will be adding the Chelan library in the near future, so
stay tuned!

And more …

Stay tuned for more great opportunities to check out something different and engaging from your library. Starting in 2019, our Oroville branch will start
a ukulele program, allowing patrons to check out the instruments and learn how to play them at the library.  Other ideas are currently in the
planning phases. Have an idea? Email your suggestion to mmcniel@ncrl.orgcreate new email.



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