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By Dawn, Twisp Public Library


Food coloring Cold water

Spray bottles

Squirt bottles (I used mustard bottles)

Optional Supplies: 

Watercolor paint set

Foam paint brushes


This is a super simple activity! Fill your spray bottles and squirt bottles with cold water and add the food coloring. I used just 4 colors, but if you have more containers go ahead and make purple, orange, black… etc.  Use LOTS of food coloring drops per bottle. It might look vivid in the container, but will not once it hits the snow unless you are generous with the food coloring drops.  Food coloring can stain fabrics so please plan accordingly. Spray bottles will last much longer than squirt bottles.

 Here are some ideas: 

  • Make an abstract painting in the snow. 
  • Make a snowman and then paint him. 
  • Challenge your family members to reproduce the “masters” like Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Have any icicles? I had a gigundous one at my house. I broke it off then stuck it upside down in the snow at a focal point in the yard – then I painted it! You can use your spray bottles if you want. I chose to use a watercolor paint set and a foam brush for my icicle.  The paint highlights the ice crystals!

Paint palette in the the snow

 This icicle is four feet tall! It deserves to be turned into a sculpture and painted!

Painted icicle in the snow

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