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By Gracie, Leavenworth Library 

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons?  Are you an experienced dungeoneer who’s looking for a fun afternoon of adventuring? Do you have no idea what I’m talking about but have a free Saturday afternoon you need to fill? You’re in luck! Dungeons and Dragons is coming to the library!

Role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons can sometimes be intimidating for those unfamiliar with the system. And for people who are familiar, it can sometimes be hard to find a group to play with! Dungeons & Dragons & Libraries aims to solve both problems by providing a virtual space for newcomers to learn and experienced players to play. 

This program will be offered to anyone aged 13 and older, no matter their experience level. Registered participants will receive all the materials necessary to play including a pre-made character sheet. Unlike many games, there is no obligation to play more than one game once you register. Every game will be a new, independent story and will start and finish within the same afternoon.

Zoom screen

This program will occur one Saturday a month from 2:30-5:30 pm via Zoom, and will be led by Gracie from the Leavenworth Library. All levels of experience are welcome, from brand new players to expert dungeon masters! Explore the magical world of Candlekeep as each month, Gracie will run a party through a new one-session adventure, guaranteed to thrill! 

In addition to the thrill, Dungeons and Dragons provides a chance to be creative, meet new people, and work together as a team. Also, there might be dragons! Who knows! 

This month, we will meet on May 21REGISTER HERE

Visit the NCW Libraries event calendar for more dates.

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