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By Jessica Lynch, Teen Services Manager

NCW Libraries’ teen-services librarians have been hard at work creating our first ever library digital escape room for teens!

What is a digital escape room you may ask? They are a series of challenges based on a theme. Participants find their way out by solving puzzles. They can be played with a group or individually, all from the comfort of home. Digital escape rooms build problem solving and critical thinking skills, and if working as a group, teamwork and communication skills.

Are you ready to try? You will explore an unusual library. Hidden within are thrilling puzzles straight from the pages of Edgar Allan Poe’s stories. You must escape before the library closes for the night with you locked inside!

The Library of Edgar Allan Poe is a Google Form adventure. You can enter the escape room by clicking the link HERE (to open it in a separate tab) or enter the library below by clicking “next.”


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