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Have you ever wondered if there’s a ghost around the next shelf of books, lying in wait in the book return, or lurking by the check-out desk?

You aren’t alone! Read about some of the reportedly haunted libraries in Washington state…if you dare.

The following tales come to use from the Washington State Library Archives.

Anacortes, WA: The Anacortes Museum, located in the historic Carnegie library, has had reports of cold spots and disembodied footsteps, as well as the apparition of a former librarian.

Bellingham, WA: Wilson Library, Western Washington University: Mabel Zoe Wilson, the first librarian at the Normal School (now WWU), is reported to haunt the university’s library. Staff have seen pages of books flipping on their own, lights flickering, heard footsteps.

Snohomish, WA: Sno-Isle Libraries, Snohomish branch: The old Carnegie building, which housed the public library till 2003, is said to be haunted by Catharine McMurchy, a librarian who worked there from 1923 to 1939.

Spokane Valley, WA: At Centennial Middle School (formerly Park Junior High) students have reportedly witnessed a woman with no legs floating around the old library.

Toppenish, WA: Yakima Valley Libraries, Toppenish branch: A man and woman have been seen looking out of the second-story windows of a floor that is kept locked from patrons.

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