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Humanities Washington speaker Tessa Hulls will present She Traveled Solo: Strong Women in the Early 20th Century in a free virtual program at 4 p.m. March 2.


Using historical photographs, primary documents, and hand-drawn illustrations, Hulls takes participants into the lives of intrepid female adventurers who lived through the turn of the 20th century—before the right to vote or the right to own property. In sharing these stories and her own, Hulls illuminates the power of history in today’s world and demonstrates why female role models are vital in affecting social change.

Hulls is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, and outdoorswoman from Port Townsend who focuses on women’s stories. Her writing has appeared in the Washington Post and Atlas Obscura’s Kickass Women series. She is a frequent public lecturer and performer, and has appeared at the Seattle Art Museum, Washington Ensemble Theater, Annex Theater, and other locations.

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