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DAY ONE: Sunday, October 10th, 2021

10 AM

BREAKING NEWS – MURDER AT THE FALL HARVEST FESTIVAL! Local reporters in Pine Falls are on the scene of a homicide. Tune in throughout the week of October 10th – 17th for more clues and details – can you help Investigating Detective Reid Moore solve the case?

*Clues will be posted daily on the Cashmere, Peshastin, and Leavenworth Library Facebook Pages, or you can come into any of these branches and solve the murder using our interactive murder mystery boards! This blog post will also be updated daily with new clues, suspect biographies, and interviews with the main suspects in the case of Mr. Edward Bookman’s Death. 

10:15 AM

The worst has occurred at the beloved Annual Fall Harvest Festival in the lovely town of Pine Falls. A murder has taken place – and the killer is still walking the streets! We’ve heard the police have called in an excellent detective from out-of-town to try and solve the case, but in the meantime we’re left wondering…who was the killer’s victim?

You can trust the reporters of Pine Falls to bring you only the latest and greatest news, and we’ve got the scoop here for you! It looks like one of our own, the well-known, and not-so-well-liked Mr. Edward Bookman, was the victim of this Murder at the Harvest Festival. Below you can read more about Mr. Bookman’s life in Pine Falls – and stay tuned! We’ll keep you updated on the results of this case as more information is unearthed.

Introducing the Victim – Mr. Edward Bookman

3 PM

Reporters at the Pine Falls Gazette have recently discovered that the Pine Falls Police Department has called in Investigating Detective Reid Moore to take over the case concerning the death of Mr. Edward Bookman, owner of local second-hand bookstore, Bookman’s Used Books. 

Detective Moore is renowned for his ability to read between the lines and to send those who’ve committed murder straight to prison! Read more about Detective Moore below – we’ve even managed to get a look at his notes – and he’s already identified some potential suspects in this case! Follow us on Facebook to stay updated on the latest information concerning this case or tune in to our Murder At The Harvest Festival blog post on our website ( to see all of the relevant information and clues so far. 

Introducing Investigating Detective Reid Moore – And His List of Suspects!

DAY TWO: Monday, October 11th, 2021

10 AM

At 7:23 PM on the evening of Saturday, October 9th, a 911 call was received by the Pine Falls Police Department. The caller was one Mr. Turner Page, frantically seeking assistance from the police after finding his uncle, Mr. E. Bookman, unconscious in the Fall Harvest Festival Hay Bale Maze.

Police officers responding to the 911 call arrived on the scene at 7:36 PM. Mr. Ed Bookman was pronounced DOA.

Needing to learn more about the situation, Detective Reid Moore went directly to the source of the 911 call – Mr. Turner Page. What follows is a recording of their conversation.

Turner Page Recording #1

Turner Page Transcript #1

12 PM

After hearing from Pine Falls’ local pub owner and nephew of Mr. Bookman, Turner Page, Detective Moore did a little sleuthing and took a closer look at Turner’s background. See what he found out in Turner’s Bio!

Suspect Bio: Mr. Turner Page 

3 PM

Investigating Detective Reid Moore wants to hear from some of the other residents of Pine Falls that knew Mr. Bookman well. To him, Mrs. Penelope Noteworthy, local widow and long-time resident of Pine Falls, seems like the perfect person to talk to if he wants to find out some more information about Pine Falls – and the people who live there.

 Having alerted Turner to the fact that something seemed to be wrong with Mr. Bookman, Mrs. Noteworthy’s keen eye for detail has caught the attention of Detective Moore, prompting him to look into Mrs. Noteworthy a bit more before bringing her down to the police station for an interview. Read more about Mrs. Noteworthy below – and take some notes of your own! 

 Suspect Bio: Mrs. Penelope Noteworthy

DAY THREE: Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

10 AM

It looks like Detective Moore is continuing to gather evidence in this case – we’ve obtained the recording of his interview with long-time resident of Pine Falls, Mrs. Penelope Noteworthy. Listen to the recording below and let us know what you think! 

Mrs. Penelope Noteworthy Recording #1 

Mrs. Penelope Noteworthy Transcript #1

12 PM

We have it from a noteworthy source that Detective Moore has now interviewed Lillie Valley, new owner of Valley Floral, in the mysterious case of Mr. Bookman’s untimely death. We’ve included some background information here on Ms. Valley, who took over Valley Floral from her grandparents when they retired earlier this year. Expect the recording shortly!

Although three suspects have now been interviewed, we still have no official word on Mr. Bookman’s cause of death, other than his admission to Turner Page that he appears to have been poisoned, but rest assured you’ll hear it here first!

Suspect Bio: Ms. Lillie Valley

1 PM

While at Valley Floral, Detective Moore also seems to have come across an interesting receipt from the floral shop to one of his identified suspects in this case. Does it mean something – or is it just coincidence?

Valley Floral Receipt

2 PM

You’ve been waiting – and here you have it! Ms. Lillie Valley’s interview recording with Investigating Detective Reid Moore! For all you sleuths out there trying to stay ahead of this case – what do you think based on the evidence so far? 

Lillie Valley Recording #1 

Lillie Valley Transcript #1 

3 PM

BREAKING NEWS! We’ve heard from a few people about a supposed incident between Mr. Bookman and Ms. Piper Clippe, local Pine Falls Historical Museum Director, involving the Page Family’s Famous Fresh-Pressed Apple Cider. It seems Detective Moore has the recipe that Mr. Bookman gave to Piper, and we’ve recreated it here for you! 

Not only that, but it looks like the Detective also took notice of Valley Floral’s Local Historical Business Display from last weekend’s event at the Pine Falls Museum. You can still see the local business displays throughout the rest of the week – Pine Falls Historical Museum is open 10 am – 5 pm, Monday – Friday!

Take a look – and take some notes! Will this lead us to our killer?

Page Family’s Fresh-Pressed Apple Cider

Foxglove Image 

Foxglove Placard Image

DAY FOUR: Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

10 AM


Well, well, well local sleuths and amateur detectives! Wasn’t Ms. Lillie Valley’s interview one for the books? Over at the Pine Falls Gazette, you can bet we’re still recovering from the shocking news that Mr. Ed Bookman had a child – who could have believed it? And a secret will? My, oh my, things are really starting to heat up around here! Ms. Valley also seemed to imply that another party may have known about said secret will…we’re betting that Detective Reid Moore’s next interrogation will be with none other than Mrs. Brooke Marke – and don’t forget you heard it here first! Below you can see a copy of this mysterious will for yourself!

Last Will and Testament of Mr. Edward F. Bookman

12 PM

As we suspected – it seems Mrs. Brooke Marke was the next suspect on Detective Reid Moore’s list! Curious about her? Us too – so we’ve provided her background information for you here! What do you think?

Suspect Bio: Mrs. Brooke Marke 

3 PM

We keep hearing about some sort of altercation occurring at last weekend’s Local Historical Businesses Showcase down at the museum, and we thought, like us, you might want to know exactly what that was. Turns out, Museum Director, Ms. Piper Clippe, hosted an event at the museum to honor some of our longest established local businesses, with displays showing off some of the wares of town favorites like Page’s Pub, Valley Floral, Marke Orchards, and many more! 

But it seems all didn’t go as planned the night of the event, and according to several of the suspects in this case, there was at least one interesting altercation that evening. So, who attended the event? Did anyone see or hear anything that might have suggested a murder in the making? 

Take a look at the guest list and tell us your thoughts by visiting our Cashmere, Peshastin, or Leavenworth Facebook pages and putting your theories in the comments of our Murder Mystery posts! 

Pine Falls Museum Local Historical Businesses Showcase Guest List

DAY FIVE: Thursday, October 14th, 2021

10 AM

The Pine Falls Gazette brings you the latest and greatest news – and the scoop today is that Brooke Marke may have known more about Mr. Bookman’s secret Will than anyone thought! What else can we learn from the interrogation recording? Listen below!

Brooke Marke Recording #1 

Brooke Marke Transcript #1

12 PM

We’ve heard a lot about Mr. Bookman over the last few days, and it seems like almost everyone we’ve heard from didn’t have an overwhelming number of nice things to say about him. He appears to have been a grumpy man with a few secrets, a bad sense of what makes a good practical joke, and a penchant for drinking tea and complaining to others. 

We know from Detective Reid Moore’s interrogation of Mr. Turner Page, the deceased’s nephew, that Mr. Bookman was likely poisoned, and the question now is – how? Everything is just conjecture at this point but we’re wondering about that special tea Ed drank every day…

Take a look at his medicinal tea tin below and leave your thoughts in the comments! 

Ed’s Rheumatism Tea Tin

1 PM

We’ve just got word that Detective Moore discovered a refusal of sale from Mr. Ed Bookman to one of the suspects in this case – could they have been angry enough over his refusal to resort to murder? 

Refusal of Sale – Mr. Ed Bookman

2 PM

Director of Operations at the Pine Falls Historical Museum, Ms. Piper Clippe, has been brought down to the police station for questioning following reports that she and Mr. Bookman were engaged in a heated argument the night of the Historical Business Showcase – it seems everyone was angry with Mr. Bookman about something! 

So, just who is Ms. Piper Clippe? See information on her below! 

Suspect Bio: Piper Clippe

3 PM

You know what we’ve got for you – straight from the office of Detective Moore himself – Ms. Piper Clippe’s interrogation recording! Think what you will – but this case is getting more and more interesting by the day! 

Piper Clippe Recording #1 

Piper Clippe Transcript #1

DAY SIX: Friday, October 15th, 2021

10 AM

It looks like text messages CAN be incriminating…and we’ve got Mrs. Noteworthy’s texts to her daughter here for you today, courtesy of our investigative reporting skills – and the work of Detective Moore.

Is this a motive for murder?

Text Message: Penelope Noteworthy

12 PM

It looks like Detective Moore thought Mrs. Penelope Noteworthy’s text to her daughter was an interesting enough piece of evidence to bring her down to the station for a second round of questioning – you know your local reporters at the Pine Falls Gazette already have that recording for you! Check it out and tell us what you think! 

Penelope Noteworthy Recording #2 

Penelope Noteworthy Transcript #2

1 PM

It would appear that Mr. Bookman wasn’t the only one in this town drinking a special tea made by Mr. Page. Piper Clippe also seems to have ordered a blend! Does everyone in this town drink tea made by Turner Page? And if so, why haven’t we gotten any yet? 

Check out the texts we uncovered between Ms. Clippe and Mr. Page – what do you think?

Clippe/Page Texts #1

Clippe/Page Texts #2

2 PM

We knew Ms. Clippe had ordered a tea from Turner Page, but now we have the exact recipe! We’re not big fans of herbal blends here at the Pine Falls Gazette but, for those interested, here you go! And don’t forget to let us know what you’re thinking! As reporters, we’ve got our own theories brewing, but we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Tea Blend – Piper Clippe

3 PM

With all of the interest in Turner’s Teas, it’s no surprise to us that Detective Moore has called Mr. Page in for further questioning. We’ve heard the good Detective is quickly piecing together the clues provided, and may be making an arrest soon. In the meantime, let’s hear what Mr. Page has to say for himself!

 Turner Page Recording #2 

Turner Page Transcript #2 

DAY SEVEN: Saturday, October 16th, 2021

10 AM

 Well folks of Pine Falls, it appears we’ve come to the final clue – will it be the one that makes everything else fall into place? We’re not sure – so we’re looking to you for answers! 

 You can’t get much more of a clue than a fingerprint, and it seems several of our suspects fingerprints were found on Mr. Bookman’s apple cider cup from the Fall Harvest Festival – is this how the murder was committed, or just something to throw us off the killer’s trail? 

 Take a look at the evidence below and let us know – who do YOU think committed the murder of Mr. E. Bookman? 

 Apple Cider Cup with Fingerprints 

12 PM


 We have it on good authority that Detective Moore will be making an arrest, to be announced tomorrow, Sunday, October 17th, 2021 at 12 PM! 

 You have until the announcement is made to submit your guesses for who you think committed the crime! Share your guesses in the comments of this post, and all correct answers will be submitted into a prize raffle, to be given out after the killer is apprehended! 

You can also submit your guesses at the Cashmere, Peshastin, and Leavenworth Library’s in their submission boxes for their interactive Murder at the Fall Harvest Festival boards! Happy Sleuthing! 

 Detective Silhouette

DAY EIGHT – FINAL DAY – Sunday, October 17th, 2021

12 PM



 Detective Reid Moore has been on this case from the beginning, using all of his skills at reading between the lines to figure out just who committed this murder – and why. 

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for – an arrest has officially been made! 

 Listen or read the admission statement made by the killer below – and let us know – were you right? Are you shocked? We STILL can’t believe it! 

Admission Statement Recording 

 Admission Statement Transcript

Thank you so much for joining us on this fun mystery!

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