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All over the world, people are dancing!

Join along with Susan Wickett-Ford and Andrés Arteaga to learn the basic moves of four different dances from around the globe:

  • Los Machetes, (Mexico) A baile folklórico with sticks (Andrés)
  • Big Circle Mountain Dance (USA) A fast, fun, family dance (Susan)
  • Tokyo Dontaku (Japan) A Bon Odori dance, we’ll do it seated (Susan)
  • Reggaeton (Puerto Rico) Latinx Hip Hop (Andrés)

Susan and Andrés also share a bit about their cultural heritage, and how we all can appreciate, and not appropriate, other cultures.

Susan Wickett-Ford is a lifelong dance educator who spent 17 years on the faculty of the Northwest School in Seattle. She has served as President of the Dance Educators Association of Washington and Northwest Folkdancers, Inc. A one-time Wenatchee resident, Susan lives in Seattle, writes, and leads dance experiences for older adults and intergenerational groups through Silver Kite Community Arts.

Andrés Arteaga is Director of Inclusion and Equity Education at Villa Academy, Seattle, where he also teaches Spanish and Religion. He has studied many forms of dance including bailes folkloricos de Mexico (Mexican folkdance). A graduate of Seattle University, Andrés is passionate about all the arts, and dedicated to helping people flourish through the fusion of art, spirituality, and social justice.

(photo from Mexico City Ambles)



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