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Enjoy pre-loaded with content, including apps, games, videos, and storybooks for kids!

Designed with a simple, easy-to-use interface and safely stored in a durable case. Launchpads use an android operating system with a 7″ touch screen, external speaker, and universal audio jack. No download time or need for Wi-Fi, access tons of content by simply turning on the device, anytime, anywhere.

NCW Libraries is now offering the following types of Launchpad tablets:

Launchpads –  Made for little explorers, these Launchpads are loaded with learning apps, videos, games, and more for hours of interactive learning and play for kids.

Launchpad STEAM Academy – Designed to create well-rounded problem solvers who look at the world around them and ask questions like “how?” and “why?”. It’s an interdisciplinary approach that weaves together the science, technology, engineering, art, and math skills learned in the classroom and connects them to things kids see everyday.

Launchpad Pre-K Academy – Geared towards preschool kids around age 5, this guided learning tablet offers different learning paths to explore on the way to kindergarten. This tablet will help little learners develop the skills needed to enter their first year of school and inspire them to try new things with confidence.

Launchpad Reading Academy – A 5-level guided reading system to help kids master verbal, reading, and writing skills, starting at any level. Every app, storybook, and video has been hand selected to help kids gain the knowledge they need to transition from learning-to-read to reading-to-learn.

Our Library of Things already includes lots of fun, non-traditional items including snow shoes, wi-fi hotspots, nature backpacks, telescopes, and more!

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