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By Tiffany Coulson, Mattawa Public Library

Shorter daylight hours, social isolation, and holiday stress can make the winter months difficult for anyone. For people who have a diagnosed mental illness, 64% say this time of year makes their condition worse. Mental wellness strategies are good for everyone.

Here are six practices proven to maintain wellness and improve mental health that you can find through your library!


Whether you are making a daily gratitude list or expressing your feelings through journaling, there are books to help. Check out a book about creative lettering, or find one on journaling tips. See more about how writing can improve mental health here.


Get those endorphins moving through your body! Check out our Yoga with Melissa videos or check out an exercise DVD.


Need a way to reduce stress? The library offers take home crafts for kids, teens, and adults. Visit your local library and their Facebook page to find out more. Check out one of our many excellent craft books, or sign up for an online class through Creativebug, available for free with your library card.


Order a book, listen to an audiobook, or check out a digital graphic novel. No matter the format, reading has mental health benefits. Use NoveList, a free resource with your library card, to choose the right book, or ask one of our librarians for a recommendation.


Keep your brain busy with positive activity. Browse through all of the classes offered for free with your library card through Take a look at, or chat online with a librarian to get help finding just what you are looking for.

Healthy Eating

Keto? Vegetarian? Mediterranean Cuisine? We have cookbooks and books on food lifestyles of every kind in both English and Spanish. Feed your mind and your body. Check one out!

Your librarian can direct you to even more mental health resources. Just ask!

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