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To start the year off we have added popular new titles and one returning favorite to our Book Club Kits collection!

If you need some reading ideas for your book club, or want to start a book club but know how what to read, we’ve got you covered! NCW Libraries offers more than 300 book club kits available for checkout to reading groups.

Each kit has 12 copies of the same book that are checked out to one person and shared with members of their group. The kits can be check out for up to six weeks and also include discussion questions.

Learn more about book club kits here.

Here are some of the latest additions to our collection:


The Sentence by Louise Erdrich

A small independent bookstore in Minneapolis is haunted for a year by the store’s most annoying customer, Flora, who dies on All Souls’ Day but simply won’t leave the store. A new employee, who landed the job after years of incarceration, must solve the mystery of this haunting. Described as a “wickedly funny ghost story.”

The Vanishing Half  by Brit Bennett

The story of twin sisters, inseparable as children, who ultimately choose to live in two very different worlds, one black and one white. Named best book of the year by the New York Times, The Washington Post, NPR, People, Time Magazine, Vanity Fair, and a 2021 Women’s Prize finalist.

The Clovis Dig by Terri Fink

Amidst the beauty of the Wenatchee Valley, apple orchardist Claire Courtney struggles to make a living. When strange and ancient artifacts are discovered beneath her land, she wonders whether the ensuing archaeological dig will save her or be the final blow to her livelihood. Winner of the Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for best literary fiction.

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford

At the height of World War II, amid the chaos of blackouts, curfews, and FBI raids in Seattle’s Japantown, a boy and girl forge a bond of friendship — and innocent love — that transcends the long-standing prejudices of their Old World ancestors. This book has been a favorite for book clubs for many years!

The Ride of Her Life by Elizabeth Letts

The true story of a women who rode her horse across America in the 1950s, fulfilling her dying wish to see the Pacific Ocean. After receiving a terminal diagnosis from her doctor, and with no money to her name, Maine farmer Annie Wilkins set off on a cast-off horse with an unfailing belief that Americans would treat a stranger with kindness.

Between Two Kingdoms by Suleika Jaouad

A deeply moving memoir of illness and recovery that traces one young woman’s journey from cancer diagnosis to remission to re-entry into “normal life”. Suleika Jaouad spent nearly four years in and out of hospitals, fighting for her life and chronicling the saga in a column for The New York Times. After her treatment was finished, she embarked on a 100-day, 15,000-mile road trip across the U.S. to meet some of the strangers who had written to her during her years in the hospital. 


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