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Did you know that you can check out a Washington State Discover Pass at your local library?

Libraries around the state are partnering with the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission to allow library patrons to “check out a state park” without paying the parking fee.

You can check out a Discover Pass from any of our 30 branch libraries, which allows free entrance to state parks and other state owned lands for one week. Pick up a pass at your community library The pass grants free access to many state recreation lands that require a parking permit. Pick up a pass at your community library or order one online here.

You can also check out one of our nature backpacks, which are filled with all the items you need to explore nature, including binoculars, viewing lens, bug jar, compass, identification guides, maps and more! Visit your local library to check out a backpack or order one online here.

Find Covid-19-related recreation tips here.

If you check out a Discover Pass and post any pictures or videos on social media, don’t forget to use #CheckOutWa2021.

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