While our schedules and lives are turned upside down due to the Coronavirus, health and wellness might be the last thing on our minds. As we seek to find a new normal during this season, remembering to care for ourselves is so important. To help us out, we have partnered with local naturopath, Dr. Allegra Hart.

Dr. Hart will share a weekly wellness tip on our Facebook page to help encourage us all to care for ourselves and our health during this season at home.

Episode 1: Biofeedback Moment

Episode 2: The power of getting outside

Episode 3: What to eat for wellness

Episode 4: What not to eat for wellness

Episode 5: Finding space for rest

Episode 6: How to work from home

Episode 7: Book recommendations

Episode 8: How to Support Your Lymphatic System

Dr. Hart is a licensed naturopathic physician, author, and speaker who has helped over a thousand women reset their health and learn how to care for themselves more effectively.

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