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After breaking ground in June 2020, the Winthrop Library is scheduled to move to its new location in June 2022! 

To prepare for the move, the current Winthrop Library will be closed for services beginning Saturday, May 21. Services in the new Winthrop Library location are tentatively scheduled to resume starting Saturday, June 11, contingent on  construction schedules. 

Visitors to the current Winthrop Library will see some changes over the next few weeks as materials are being packed up and distributed to  other NCW Libraries locations. The new Winthrop Library location will have a nearly entirely new collection of books and materials.

NCW Libraries is working closely with Friends of the Winthrop Library (FOWL) to coordinate the reopening of library services in the new location. The books, materials, and technology are ready and waiting to be installed as soon as construction on the new building wraps up. FOWL are organizing a Grand Opening celebration featuring fun activities for all ages.

During the closure, Winthrop Library users can access holds at the Twisp Library. Any materials on hold that have not been picked up from Winthrop by the closure date will be transferred to the Twisp Library. After the closure, Winthrop Library users can place new holds to either the Twisp Library or the Mail Order Library.  During this time, the Winthrop Library book drop will also be closed. Library materials can be returned to the Twisp Library at any time.

FOWL are leading the effort to fund and build the new library in partnership with the State of Washington taxpayers, the Town of Winthrop, and NCW Libraries. Over 1,000 supporters have made gifts to the new library. NCW Libraries is incredibly thankful for the FOWL and other supporter’s commitment and dedication to making the new Winthrop Library building possible. 

**Image above of students from neighboring Little Star School watching the action as big concrete pump trucks poured the foundation of the new Winthrop Library in September 2020.

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Stay tuned for more information as the date approaches! 

Questions? Email info@ncwlibraries.orgcreate new email or call 509-663-1117.

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