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HW Virtual Program in March

HW Virtual Program in March

How can a two-century-old Eastern European Jewish tradition help us grapple with contemporary catastrophes, as well as old displacements, genocides, and assimilation? Explore the ancient Ashkenazi...

Poetry Workshop with the Spokane Poet Laureate

Poetry Workshop with the Spokane Poet Laureate

Join us for two workshops in March with Spokane Poet Laureate Mery Smith. Smith will lead "Joy and Sorrow: A Poetry Workshop" at two library locations:Quincy Public Library March 28. 5:30 p.m.Moses...

Celebrate Women’s History Month

Celebrate Women’s History Month

Join NCW Libraries in observing and commending the suffragists, visionaries and trailblazing women — past and present — who have fought for equality and are leading the way for change in America....


NCW Libraries
NCW Libraries12 hours ago
This looks like a fun Spring Break activity at our Omak Public Library. Registration is required so sign up early to secure a spot!

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