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Consumer research, homework help, digital skills classes, newspapers, crafting, genealogy, and more! All of our resources are free – all you need is a library card and a device capable of getting online.

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General Research

Research a wide range of topics from consumer data and news to ancestry and more.

Consumer & DIY

Find trustworthy product reviews, learn about car repair, and enjoy thousands of DIY arts and crafts videos.

Student Research

Search a wide array of resources including encyclopedias, newspapers, and databases for your school projects.


Learn about your family history with our free genealogy resources!

Online Learning

From car repair to crafting, digital skills to language learning and more, we have something for everyone.

Health & Medicine

Access a database of over 500 medical journals and health magazines covering medicine, health, nutrition, lifestyle, and more.

Books & Reading

Enjoy over 700,000 books and materials in print and digital formats, all free with your library card.

Magazines & Newspapers

Explore thousands of local, state, national, and international digital newspapers and magazines.

Business, Career, Finance, Fundraising

Starting a business? Building your job skills? Exploring new careers? Looking for grants? Find business, career guidance, test prep resources and more!

NCW Local History

Dive into local history through city and state newspaper archives.

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