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About Us: Our Story

NCW Libraries* is proud to serve the residents of Chelan, Douglas, Ferry, Grant, and Okanogan Counties since 1960. Our 14,497 square-mile service area is roughly the size of Massachusetts and Connecticut combined – making us geographically the largest library district in Washington State.

We operate 30 community libraries, and provide service to our most rural residents through our popular Mail Order Library and a bookmobile. The Library’s website provides library cardholders with free access to eBooks and digital audiobooks as well as a large number of online resources, including LinkedIn Learning, the New York Times, Consumer Reports, Rosetta Stone, and more. We also provide outreach services to Head Start programs, preschools, nursing homes, senior retirement centers, youth detention facilities, jails, farmers markets, and more.

We are able to expand our reach through partnerships with school districts, community colleges, healthcare providers, local businesses, and community resource providers. 

*In 2020 North Central Regional Library changed its name to NCW Libraries to better reflect the communities we serve and this place we call home.



Connecting the people of North Central Washington to vital resources and opportunities that foster individual growth and strengthen communities.



You Trust Us.
We are a trusted resource for every member of our diverse communities. We provide you with exceptional customer service from an unbiased perspective and always respect your right to privacy and intellectual freedom.

You Learn With Us.
When you need information, we can help you find it. Whether you’re teaching your child to read, learning a new language, developing a new skill, or updating your resume, our robust collections and compelling programs make lifelong learning fun.

You Grow With Us.
We keep you connected to our changing world and your own curiosity. We listen and respond to your wants and needs with dependable and evolving services, entertaining and thought-provoking content, culturally enriching activities, and access to new technologies.

We Build Community Together.
We celebrate the diversity of North Central Washington, bringing together people of all backgrounds and from all walks of life. Our welcoming and comfortable facilities provide a place for you to gather and exchange ideas – and we are just as likely to meet you out in the community as in one of our libraries. We work alongside you to build partnerships, facilitate connections, and contribute to your community’s sense of identity and civic vitality.



  1. Embrace Innovation & Curiosity
  2. Enhance User Experience
  3. Actively Listen & Respond
  4. Cultivate Community Partnerships
  5. Strengthen Organizational Health



Together with our new mission and vision, our 2019-2021 Strategic Plan provides a framework for the future of our library system. And there is a lot to look forward to. The five strategic directions, ten objectives, and twenty-five goals we have adopted comprise an ambitious plan that will keep us motivated and focused over the next three years. We will be strengthening our core services, building community partnerships, and aligning our resources to provide more than we ever have before.

Read our 2019-2021 Strategic Plan here.opens PDF file

View our 2021 Annual Report

30 Libraries, including our mail order library, bookmobile, book club library, and literacy outreach! Our librarians visit head starts, nursing homes, retirement centers, schools, youth detention facilities, and more!
Serving 250000 people in Chelan, Douglas, Ferry, Grant, and Okanogan counties. That's 14497 square miles: roughly the size of Massachusetts and Connecticut combined!
700000 plus items! It would take over 1580 years to read every book in our collection, if you read and finished a book every day. If you spent 16 hours a day watching videos from our collection, it would take 30 years to watch them all.

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