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Summer at the library wouldn’t be complete without the NCRL Puppeteers!

This year’s puppet program will come to each of our 30 libraries twice, with two different shows. Our energetic cast of puppeteers features one familiar
face this summer and three new ones. They are (from left to right in the picture) James Bensch, Bailey White, Dillon Clare, and Alexandria McGee.

Here’s a little more about each of them:

Dillon Clare is a 2018 graduate of Wenatchee High School. He just completed his first year at Central Washington University and is working toward
a degree in film. He was an NCRL Puppeteer last summer, and said it was “the best job I’ve ever had!”

Alexandria McGee graduated from Eastmont High School in 2017. She just finished a two-year program at Wenatchee Valley College and is heading to
Eastern Washington University in the fall to study occupational therapy. She described herself as a “theater kid” in high school and is looking forward
to her summer touring with the Puppeteers.

Bailey White graduated from Wenatchee High School this year. She will be going to Gonzaga University in the fall to pursue study marketing and political

James Bench graduated from Big Bend Community College in 2013. He is currently studying theology at Clearwater College in Alberta, B.C.

Come see our Puppeteers in action this summer at your local library!

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