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If you missed our Batik dying class in early December, you can still grab a kit and try out this fun activity. While there will be no live instruction this time around, you can watch the recording of our earlier program with STEM specialist Buffy.

Registration will be open — first come/first served — until the kits are gone.

How do participate:

  1. Register on the NCW Events Calendar
  2. Pick up a kit from your local library one week after you register. Each take-home kit contains everything you need for the project: a flour sack dish towel, plastic bag, washable glue, urea, soda ash, dye and brushes.
  3. Do the pre-work 24 hours before dying, so the glue has time to dry. Watch the pre-work video here.
  4. At least 24 hours after you do your pre-work (once the glue dries), watch the No-wax Batiking with Buffy video. Video can be found on YouTube by typing NCW Libraries No Wax Batiking into the search bar. Please watch the entire video.
If you have questions, please email Heather at hinczauskis@ncwlilbraries.orgcreate new email.

Here are a few pictures shared by people who participated in our program earlier this month:

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