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By Deidre Beltran del Rio , Chelan Library

Why Earth Day?  Simply answered, to draw attention to the condition of the environment! 

From space the earth has been described as a ”sparkling blue and white gem”, both beautiful and fragile.   Earth Day is  a purposeful opportunity to pause, reflect, and renew a deeper connection with our unique home.  And to share that appreciation with our children!

How can you celebrate?  You may not be able to physically attend Earth Day fairs, but how about  a virtual fair?  Why not explore as a family NCW libraries  resources and learn the significance of climate change, how to reduce waste, how humans impact  the environment, and how beautiful life on earth is.

Get Outside! Explore! Learn!

Check out  a Nature Backpack  with everything needed to explore nature including binoculars, maps, and guides.  Or explore local trailheads and State Parks with a  WA Discover Pass.  

Get Down and Dirty in the Garden

Compost, plant trees, grow gardens, and eat what you grow

Composting Basics, by Eric Ebeling (print, ebook)

Climate-Wise Landscaping, by Sue Reed and Ginny Stibolt (print)

Grow Food for Free, by Huw Richards  (print, ebook, eaudio )

The Wild Wisdom of Weeds by Katrina Blair (ebook)

The Seed Underground, by Janisse Ray (print)

Natures Best Hope , by Douglas W. Tallamy (print, ebook)

climate wise
grow food

Plant, Cook, Eat!, by Joe Archer, Caroline Craig (print, ebook)

The Magic & Mystery of Trees, by Jen Green (print)

Green green : a community gardening story,by Marie and Baldev Lamba  (print)

Lola Plants a Garden, by Anna McQuinn (print, ebook)

plant cook
green green
Learn About Your Carbon Footprint

What is your carbon Footprint?  How can you be a conscious consumer

Love the Earth, by Mel Hammond (print

Cooking Green: Reducing  your carbon footprint in the kitchen, by Kate Heyhoe (print)

Ecothrifty : Cheaper, greener choices for a happier, healthier life, by Deborah Niemann (print)

Earth Day Recycled Sculptures and Projects

Thursday, April 22, 2021, 6:00 PM

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

The Waste Cycle : a look at what we use and trash every day, by Erica Fyvie (print)

Touch the Earth, by Julian Lennon (print, ebook)

The craft-a-Day Book : 30 projects to make with recycled materials, by Kari Cornell (print)


Documentaries to stream on  Kanopy, & Hoopla

From NCW libraries, Happy Earth Day!


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