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by Ashley, Cashmere Public Library

Have you come to the end of the road in the series you’ve been reading? Read everything by your favorite authors? Can’t quite put your finger on what type of book you’d like to read next? Let us help you find your next great read! 

Like Goldilocks, we know that it can be a challenge to find the perfect fit – especially when it comes to books! For many of us, browsing the shelves and doing our own reconnaissance is part and parcel of picking out the next book (or 10) that we plan to read. 

If you love to sleuth around the book world looking for ideas, here are some great online resources that can help you find books similar to ones you’ve loved in the past, a new series with characters who can fall in love with, or a customized reading list based on your reading preferences.

*Don’t forget that your local NCW Libraries staff members are also a wonderful resource for book suggestions and can often help you narrow down your search! Reach out to your local librarian in person at your community library – or give them a call! You can find the information for each of NCW Libraries location  on the Find Your Public Library page at our website.

Check out some of these online resources:

NoveList Plus

NoveList Plus is a wonderful resource for finding books and authors you’ll love! As an added bonus, you can also use NoveList K-8 Plus to find books and reading suggestions for younger readers. You can access both NoveList Plus and NoveList K-8 Plus at our website under the Online Resources: Books and Reading tab. Once you’re in, you can search for specific books and authors, browse books and authors based on your preferences (such as genre, age level, theme, etc.), read thousands of book reviews, and even find read-alikes for authors and titles that have made it onto your favorites list! 


FantasticFiction is an online resource that you can use to look up information about both books and authors. One of the best features of this handy online resource is that author works are compiled in chronological order – so you know exactly where to start, what’s next, and where to go from there! You can also search for a specific series, which is especially useful for book series with multiple authors.

Literature Map

Literature Map is a fun, interactive map that pulls up authors similar to the author’s name you enter into the text box! The closer an author’s name is to the author you’ve added to the center of the map, the more similar those two authors are. This is a great way to find new authors that you might not have otherwise tried, and gives you a good place to start if you’ve read everything from your favorite authors already! 


Are you a mood reader? Try out Whichbook for your next read! Using a sliding scale, choose the level of up to four different emotions you’re in the mood for and let this resource offer up suggestions that meet your criteria! You can also set reading preferences using the World Map, Character & Plot, and Bestsellers criteria. Add some spontaneity to your reading by letting Whichbook tell you what to read next!

New York Times Bestseller Lists

Did you know you have access to the New York Times with your library card? Just log in to your account and click on this online resource to get started! Included in The New York Times are updated lists of bestselling books in various formats. Read about popular, award-winning, and noteworthy books and authors – and maybe find your next great read! 


Bookbub is an online website that offers a free membership when you sign up with them, giving you access to a large selection of free and discounted Ebooks. Many of these Ebooks are from popular authors, and you may even find some bestsellers included in the discounted options! You can read Ebooks you download from this website on any device that supports e-reading. Bookbub also offers book reviews, blog posts, and articles on books – all so you can find exactly what you’re looking for! Like another of our suggested online resources, Goodreads, Bookbub also offers you the ability to follow authors you like and to stay updated on their latest work and announcements! 


If you like to keep track of what you read, you’ve probably heard of Goodreads! This online resource is great for tracking your reading, reading (and writing) book reviews, curating book lists, and following authors and your friends so you stay updated on book news – and can see what your friends are reading! You might even start a friendly reading challenge – or set a yearly reading goal for yourself! You will have to make your own account to use this online service – but it’s a wonderful resource for checking books off of your TBR pile and for finding more books and authors you’ll love.


Hop on Readgeek and rate books on a scale of 1-10 to get book suggestions tailored to your own preferences! The more books you rate, the more likely the suggestions you receive will be for books you’ll enjoy. This fun resource is a great way to get quick suggestions based on how well you’ve liked your past reads! 

Epic Reads

Epic Reads is a great resource for all books YA! Whether you want to browse for new books and authors to read or watch cool bookish videos, Epic Reads has you covered! They also host author events and offer a book blog to keep you up-to-date on the world of YA Literature. 

Reading Rockets

Reading Rockets offers resources to help younger readers and parents choose books they’ll love! With themed lists, an insightful book blog, author interviews, and the ability to create your own book lists, this online resource is a must for anyone with young readers at home! 

NCW Libraries’ What Should I Read Next form

Here at NCW Libraries, we also offer an online Readers’ Advisory service for anyone who’s not sure what book to pick up next! Visit our website and fill out our What Should I Read Next Form for personalized books suggestions based on your stated reading preferences. Some of our very own librarians run this free resource, and will get back to you within a few days! An added bonus to using this service is that all books suggested by our librarians are titles we currently have in our catalog, and you can place a hold on these titles online or contact your local librarian for assistance.

That’s all we’ve got for today but, as always, happy reading! 

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