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On Sunday evening, May 15, a total eclipse of the Moon will be visible from throughout the U.S.

In our Pacific time zone, the total eclipse will begin at 8:29 p.m. and end at 9:54 p.m. A partial eclipse will continue until 10:56 p.m., when the moon passes entirely out of the Earth’s shadow. During the total eclipse, the Moon will take on a ghostly copper color.

Our grant partners, the Space Science Institute, who are helping to fund our STEM project at Quincy Public Library, provided some details about the eclipse to share!

Eclipse Information Sheetopens PDF file

NASA also has a detailed webpage about the upcoming lunar eclipse HERE.


We have many informational books and DVDs in our physical and digital collections about lunar eclipses. Here are a couple to get you started:


Our digital resource, Kanopy, also offers: Meteor Showers, Comets, Eclipses, and More and Eclipses, Comets, and Omens.

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