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Can’t find a book that you’re looking for? You can place up to 20 purchase suggestions a month with your library card!

A purchase suggestion is a form that you fill out to let us know that we do not currently have something that you would like to borrow. It is our goal to have items that people in our communities want, and your suggestions make that happen! We will do our best to acquire any item you have suggested. This is a free service.

NCW Libraries recently updated its guidelines for purchase suggestions. All library card holders can now make up to 20 purchase suggestions — a combination of physical and digital materials — every 30 days.

To make a purchase suggestion, log in to your library account at

Click on “Your Account” in the upper left corner of the page:


Then Click on the three lines next to your name and then click on “My Account”:


And then find and click on “Purchase Suggestions” in the left-hand column.


Once you make a suggestion, you will receive an email when a decision has been made about purchasing the item.

Items published or released within the last two years may be purchased and put on hold for you. If the item is more than two years old, NCW Libraries will try to borrow it from another library through an inter-library loan. Classic books and other perennial favorites will be considered for purchase regardless of their publication date.


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