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Summer is for everyone!
Get started here for fun, engaging activities, recommended reads, and programs for all ages.

June 12 – August 31



From captivating storytelling to engaging workshops and fun activities, everyone can unleash their unique voices and explore their passions.

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Activity Pack & Book Bingo

Complete activities to discover the magic of books, express your creativity, connect with your community, discover all the library has to offer, and FIND YOUR VOICE!

Starting June 12th,

Track your reading through your local library for a chance to win amazing prizes!

Need help completing the Book Bingo?

Find reading inspiration for KIDS, TEENS, and ADULTS through our recommendation blogs.

Looking for a resource mentioned in one of the packs?

There are several QR codes, websites, or library resources linked to in the activity packs. Find the links to those here.


Join in on the fun, online. Sign up for Beanstack today!

Log your reading and complete challenges online to earn digital badges and be entered into a prize drawing.

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Summer Reading Suggestions

This summer is all about finding your voice! Need a suggestion to get inspired this summer? Try one of these books to find out how others have unleashed their voices.

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