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Weekly Storytime is a familiar staple of library services. Most of our library locations offer weekly Storytime programs for babies and toddlers as well as elementary school children. We even have special story telling and read aloud events for teens and adults.

In 2020, our staff, along with everyone everywhere, creatively pivoted from normal operations. In the midst of pandemic closures, we found new ways to provide library service. One new program was our weekly Zoom Storytime, launched in January 2021.

Over the past three years, Zoom Storytime has provided a special opportunity for folks from across NCW to connect. Children, families, and caregivers from Moses Lake, Electric City, Nespelem, Chelan, Warden, Peshastin, Leavenworth, the Methow Valley, and more have joined us through Zoom. Since 2021, we have hosted 152 Zoom Storytime programs for 2,307 attendees.

Our staff has enjoyed the way this program allowed participants to bring in aspects of their home life. “Some of my favorite memories are from Storytime show and tell, where kids often shared favorite toys, musical instruments, art projects, and pets. One time, a child even shared their pet chicken!,” said Clare Morrison, Branch Librarian at Peshastin Library.

As we all find a new normal, we are returning to a focus on in person programming and the season for Zoom Storytime is coming to an end. The final Zoom Storytime will be on December 28th, we hope you join us for a special party!

We encourage everyone to check out the weekly Storytime offerings at their nearest NCW Libraries Location.

We are so thankful to everyone who has joined us on Zoom! We would also like to give a big shout out to our wonderful team of staff who have made Zoom Storytime possible.

Clare Morrison, Branch Librarian, Peshastin Library
Aaron Loeffelbein, Branch Librarian, Ephrata Library
Dawn Woodruff, Branch Librarian, Twisp Library (retired)
Suzy Nieto, Bookmobile Associate
Gracie Camp, Customer Service Technician, Leavenworth Library
Vanessa Mejia, Latinx Outreach Specialist
Abby Osborn, Children’s Services Manager

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