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FAQs: Support Your Library

Does the library accept used materials as donations?

Due to the high cost of processing and the level of wear and tear library books encounter, we do not accept used items. The main exception is items about local history, particularly those that are rare or out of print.

However, many of our libraries have a Friends of the Library group that can sell your used books to generate support for library programs and services. Contact your local librarian for details.

How do I donate materials to the library?

If you have materials to donate to the library or to your local Friends of the Library group, please contact your local librarian. In most cases, you will simply drop items off in person. For large volumes of material, other arrangements may need to be made. 

Most donations are given to local Friends of the Library groups. The Friends sell these materials and use the proceeds to enhance their libraries and promote literacy in their communities.

Who are the Friends of the Library?

Most of our libraries have Friends of the Library groups. These are groups of private citizens who support and fundraise for their local libraries. The most common fundraisers are annual used-book sales. The Friends use their proceeds to enhance their local libraries and promote literacy in their communities.

Contact your local library for more information!

What does the library do with old and surplus items?

We use the Public Surplus website to sell items approved for surplus. If you would you like furniture, equipment, vehicles, and miscellaneous items please find us on their website

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