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De-Stress With Hobbies

In times of stress, it can be difficult to find happiness when your days blend together. Whether the stress comes from working full-time, studying full-time, or a variety of other circumstances that affect your daily life, carving out any more time than you already have can seem like a momentous task. But what about carving out that time to do something fun or engaging?

This is where hobbies come in. By definition, a hobby is an activity done in one’s leisure time that brings them pleasure. This could be painting, playing soccer, singing, hiking, playing video games, and yes of course, reading! Many people across the world have hobbies, but sometimes people don’t know about the health benefits that come from having a hobby.

Health Benefits of Hobbies

If you have ever sat down and knit a scarf or spent an afternoon kayaking, chances are you felt good after completing what you were working on. When engaging in a hobby you enjoy, the brain releases endorphins, chemicals that are attributed to creating positive feelings. Over time, your hobby helps to train the brain to be active, happy, and healthy.

Scientists around the world have proven research that by engaging in hobbies for as little as one hour a day, it can lower your risk of developing dementia later in life. On top of that, having a hobby helps to reduce feelings of depression and anxiety, as engaging in your hobbies release the endorphins that actively combat those feelings. Even better, if you can find one hobby that gets you physically moving, the mental and physical health benefits will keep you supported for years to come.

Choosing a Hobby

If you are questioning what hobby to pick up, or even what hobby you could change to, take a minute to reflect on what makes you happy. Perhaps there was a time in your childhood when a grandparent taught you how to bake a cake and it was one of the happiest moments you remember. Or maybe you participated in a company soccer game and found yourself more invested than you thought. These are the kinds of events that help you develop hobbies.

Some people are partial to creative hobbies like drawing or sculpting, others physical hobbies like hiking and surfing, and others still more tranquil hobbies like reading and meditation. It might take several tries for you to figure out what hobby suits you best. Rest assured, when you find a hobby that clicks and you dedicate some time every week, your body and mind will thank you.

Hobby Resources from Your Library

Wracked your brain and you still can’t come up with anything worth noting? Look no further than your local library! Each library is well equipped with many books that will help you cultivate a hobby, and several online resources like Creativebug to help you with a DIY craft project, Kanopy for studying history and learning about the world, and Lynda, a great resource for learning about technology. Visit your local library to see their selection and find a book to develop your hobby today!


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